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In any steam plant or any process plant, the effectiveness of steam distribution system is dependent upon the project specific conditions like location and layout of the process plant and its steam consuming equipment like heat exchangers, decorators etc. Steam distribution circuit is one of the major links between the steam production point and the point of end use i.e. process plant. Primary steam generating source are co-generation plant and Steam Generators. However, it is not the source of steam generation but the effective and efficient steam distribution system that decides right quality (pressure and temperature) and quantity of steam to reach to the process through it. Thus designing of steam distribution is to be given due importance along with installation and subsequently maintenance during operation.

That is why you need PRK’s 10 years of expertise to handle your Steam distribution system.

The secret of the success of our steam distribution system is the full-scale survey that we conduct to understand “the end process steam pressure requirement of the process plant”. When deciding the “Maximum working pressure of the boiler”, we measure and keep provisions for unavoidable pressure loses due to:

  • Pipe network frictional-resistance.
  • Condensation in the steam piping due to transfer of steam heat to the outside environment.