Specialists in Steam, Compressed Air Piping & Goods Hoist
15 years of excellence
The goods hoist is an equipment use to transfer cargo vertically from floor to floor, working just like a passenger lift. PRK’s goods hoists are considered to be one of the safest in the industry due to the amount of man-hours spent to ensure that the equipment will always operate safely. As an experienced and know-how goods hoist installer and supplier, we are capable of supplying various type goods hoists to floor-to-floor transfer in manufacturing plants. Our standard goods hoist normally consists of a steel cage with door or shutters. It is guided by steel guide elements with hoisting and lowering operations. The distinct advantages of PRK’s goods hoist are:
  • True vertical lift
  • Triple protection – all shutters / doors must be firmly closed otherwise goods hoist cannot ascend or descend;
  • Hoist’s DC brakes which firmly gripped the guide rails ensure precision leveling with floor surface;
  • Emergency stop feature, in case of an emergency.