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Inefficient compressed air distribution systems result in higher energy bills, lower productivity and poor air tool performance. Piping systems more than five years old have been shown to exhibit leaks of up to 25 percent, yet many facilities are slow to upgrade equipment to the latest technology. Additionally, undersized or oversized piping, poorly configured systems or clogged filters can create significant artificial demand.

That is why you need the expertise of PRK to design an Efficient Compressed Air Distribution Network for your factory

Our efficient compressed air distribution networks guaranteed following benefits:
  • Low pressure drop between the compressor and point of consumption.
  • Minimum leakage from the distribution piping.
  • Efficient condensate separation if a compressed air dryer is not installed.
  • Reducing Pressure Drops through Proper Dimensioning
  • Closed Loop Ring Piping System – This provides uniform compressed air supply, despite
  • heavy intermittent usage, as the air is led to the actual point of consumption from two directions.