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  • The totally-enclosed, self-cooled, class F insulation motors, de- signed for the new series, have high efficiency, high perform- ance, and high torque, and excel in durability.
  • All motors are furnished with an external terminal box, and are easy to wire and maintain.
  • Made of excellent heat resistant insulating materials, the insu- lation system is high in reliability, resisting humidity, heat and environment.
  • The torque characteristic and starting input characteristic have a sufficient allowance.
  • The hoist motor is provided with radiation fin, which keeps the temperature rise to a minimum.
  • All the motors are of a low noise type.
  • As Trolley brake is equipped with Release device, hoist can be moved under Power supply cut-off condition at the time of in- stallation and maintenance and inspection.
  • As Trolley motor is equipped with heat radiator fin and external fan, it can restrain heat increase.


There would be case where the standard hoist can not be used according to operation and/or environmental conditions. KAMIUCHI have been manufacturing lots of special hoists in order to comply with wide requests from our customers. Pay attention to the following conditions.  
1.  Different voltage Instruct voltage and frequency other than standard power supply 3 phase AC200V 50/60Hz and AC220V 60 Hz. 2.  Designation of control voltage In case of different voltage and less than 200V, a transformer is to be required and so instruct it to us. 3.  Operating environment Indoor operation is a standard. In case of outdoor operation, the housing is necessary. Standard specification can be applied to small amount of dust. Special specifications are to be required for applications where acid and/or steam exist. No anti-explosive type is available. 4.  Alteration of speed In case both low or high speed is to be required, there is a case that the modification can be made with the same model or a case that the alteration of the model is necessary. 5.  Stationary type Stationary type, which can be used as winch, is manufactured separately. 6.  Lifting height In special high lifting height type of ordinary type hoist the lifting height up to 45m is standardized. (In case of double rail type, up to 36m)